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Carolina Mountain Blue

There’s a very interesting and thought-provoking article over at Addicting Info about political language and how it shapes the political discourse in America, to wit: the fact that we progressives (and liberals) need to work on changing the political rhetoric to better support our points-of-view instead of acquiescing to the Right’s playbook. The article makes 13 suggestions on how we can change the political rhetoric to our advantage instead of theirs’…the twelve are as follows(detailed explanations can be found in the linked article above):

  • Instead of “big business”, use “unelected government” in regards of multi-national corporations
  • Instead of “entitlements”, use “earned benefits” in regards to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security
  • Instead of “free market capitalism”, use “socialized risk, privatized profits” in regards to the disaster of unfettered, 20th century capitalism
  • Instead of “government spending”, use “investments in America” in regards to infrastructure and public-works spending
  • Instead of “same-sex marriage”…

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