Voter Fraud Already Discovered in Florida, Ohio, Colorado for the 2012 presidential Election!

Alt News Reports

Twitter is bulging this morning with evidence of all-out voter fraud in numerous states from the Nov 6th presidential election. One of the most telling raw statistics to emerge now that the election dust is settling is the odd and highly NOT LEGAL phenomenon of having counted MORE VOTES in a state than there are REGISTERED VOTERS. This happened in Florida, Ohio and Colorado for starters. It bodes ill for any assumption that the election wasn’t pre-rigged from the beginning. If you want to learn more about how to understand the technical issues and open doorways for voter fraud in the United States, visit the website http://blackboxvoting.organd then Google the name “Beverly Harris.”

This graphic indicates the actual popular vote for the 2012 presidential election. Take a long hard look:

See http://obamavoterfraud.blogspot.com/

See  http://www.ObamaVoterFraud.com/

To read more about the recent election and US Big Media complicity…

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